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> > > Have the scripts --.bat and .sh-- append
> > '${FOP_HOME}/build/fop-hyph.jar' to
> > > the local CLASSPATH. I'm not too sure about the location here:
> > is 'build'
> > > OK, or should we dump it in the 'lib' folder, or just the 'hyph' folder?
> >
> > I think this should be the "hyph" folder. ll files relating to
> > hypenation are then kept in the one directory.
> Seems the better option indeed. (Currently the files relating to hyphenation
> are kept in the 'src/hyph' directory, but this directory and its contents
> will be removed. The 'hyph' directory will be present but empty in the
> distributions and the repository, as the contents will be provided through

When the jar is built by ant it should end up as
'${FOP_HOME}/build/fop-hyph.jar'. When it is downloaded from
elsewhere, '${FOP_HOME}/lib/fop-hyph.jar' would be a good place. All
jars in lib are added to the classpath by fop.sh. If the user has a
variable FOP_HYPHENATION_PATH, then that should be added to the

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