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> On 17.03.2005 11:00:15 Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:

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> >   - Installing:
> >     should basically come down to
> >     a) making sure the JAR containing the hyphenation patterns
> >        is accessible to FOP,
> I read: make sure hyphenation patterns in an additional JAR is detected
> by FOP. Right?

Right. One small question: is it sufficient to have this JAR, say, in the
CLASSPATH at runtime? (That was what I made out of it so far...)

> >     or b) making the XML available via the userconfig.
> You mean the uncompiled hyphenation XMLs? Not sure here.

Yes, I wasn't sure of it myself... Ultimately, a hyph-only JAR containing
only compiled patterns would render this approach obsolete --suboptimal at
the very least.
In that case, the userconfig page might need a small update too; the
hyphenation-dir setting can be dropped.

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