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> When the jar is built by ant it should end up as
> '${FOP_HOME}/build/fop-hyph.jar'. When it is downloaded from
> elsewhere, '${FOP_HOME}/lib/fop-hyph.jar' would be a good place. All
> jars in lib are added to the classpath by fop.sh.

Yes, in fop.sh this is achieved by looping over all the jars present in the
lib directory. In the Windows batch script, however, all the jars to be
picked up are specified individually... and just having attempted to mimic
the loop in the Win batch script, I can see why this is the case... the
environment variable's value is resolved only once, at the start of the
for-loop, so the different jars each get appended to the original value of

Not that big a deal, but this means that Windows users can't rename this jar
into whatever they fancy. Unless they use Cygwin, they should either stick
to the name 'fop-hyph.jar', or add the jar to the classpath themselves
(maybe by using the FOP_HYPHENATION_PATH variable: see below)

> If the user has a variable FOP_HYPHENATION_PATH, then that
> should be added to the classpath.

Good idea. I've conveniently supposed that this environment variable should
contain all custom locations of the jars (not merely the directories to look
in, but the full paths to the jars themselves).



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