Jeremias Maerki wrote:
As announced on the XML Graphics General mailing list I'd like to call
for a vote on the migration of both Batik and FOP to Subversion.

You can always put the repository in BitKeeper on

It has only the bk command-line and the cosmetically basic (but extremely useful) bk GUI tools, including citool, difftool and 3-way merge.

There's no integration that I am aware of with Eclipse or other IDEs, and certainly no integration with NetBeans. This is a pain when doing any refactoring that involves renaming. Basically, you can't do such things within the IDE.

So why bother? Try BitKeeper and you'll realize why Linux development moved to bk, in spite of the storm of complaint about using a closed source tool. I haven't used Subversion, only read a little about it, but bk is the best SCM tool I have ever used, by a country mile. It is designed for distributed development.

This is actually a serious, though futile, suggestion.

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