Simon Pepping wrote:

> I am not sure why you consider this an insult to you.

Joerg Pietschmann wrote:

> I'm not annoyed about the matter, nor did I intend to insult anyone.

The original question was "do you still have x? and do you have any interest
in contributing it? I did not find it at y", y being the place it was to
have been placed. The answer received was "Yes [I still have it], it is
still available somewhere."

Respectful answers include (there are no doubt others):
1. yes.
2. yes, but I need some time to find it. Check back in a month (or week or
3. yes, but I am going to do this myself.
4. no, because ...
5. no (no reason).
6. maybe, let me think about how to proceed before giving an answer.

I considered "Yes, it is available somewhere" to be a blow-off, essentially
"guess what I mean if you can." Perhaps my cultural filter was set too low
ATM, but really, anybody trying to make a decision about whether to build x
themselves is essentially frozen into inaction unless they decide to treat
it as "no" and move forward based on that.

However, I certainly take Joerg at his word that he did not intend it as I
received it. And I would interpret his subsequent clarification to be along
the lines of #2 above. Joerg, I apologize for misinterpreting you.

My original assessment of the status of the two projects is still valid. It
looks easier to refrain from trying to negotiate ways to work together, at
least in this forum.

Joerg, if you're interested in working on the hyphenation stuff with me,
contact me offline. Simon, thanks for your kind offer of using OFFO, and,
since the license scheme *is* compatible, I think that makes sense. I'll
wait for a while to see what Joerg does. If he develops the web application
that he mentioned, that might make all of this moot. If not, and if nothing
else changes, I'll contact you at some point to negotiate the OFFO
logistics. Thanks to both of you for your efforts on all of this.

Victor Mote

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