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> Glen Mazza wrote:
> > if the static
> > content is directed to the region-body of the
> page.
> Is this even allowed by the spec?

Actually yes!  AFAICT you are welcome to set
the flow name on fo:static-content[1] to
"xsl-region-body" or any of the other region
classes[2].  Nothing in the spec prohibits it, indeed
with upcoming 1.1 xsl:flow-map, it will even be easier
to route to *multiple* regions.



(Note the latter two region-classes
--xsl-before-float-separator and
xsl-footnote-separator--in [2] are actually just
flow-names, not region-names, I informed the W3C and
they removed those two from the region-name listing
for 1.1.)

> > 2.)  Similarly, the StaticContentLayoutManager
> should
> > be renamed to SideRegionLayoutManager, because the
> > output of both fo:static-content and fo:flow can
> be
> > directed to it,
> No, the latter can't happen. The 0.20.5 branch even
> tests
> for this and aborts in that case.

Yes, that check is in PSLM, but I changed the text to
say that FOP *currently* doesn't support that. 
Everything I'm seeing in 1.0 (flow-name and
region-name properties) and 1.1 (same plus
fo:flow-map) says it is perfectly kosher to redirect
fo:flow to a side-region(1.1: side-region*s*), and
fo:static-content to a fo:region-body.  That's why
these classes are really NormalFlowLayoutManager and
SideRegionLayoutManager--this distinction will
especially important in 1.1, where fo:flow-map lets
you route everything everywhere.


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