Victor Mote wrote:
Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Just to be clear, these are the possibilities:
1. FOP uses FOray-Font (JAR file in lib directory), no license grant necessary, no FOray sources in an ASF repository.

This is my preference.

2. FOP forks FOray-Font, license grants are necessary due to ASF policy.

I will be happy to provide such a grant.

3. You donate FOray-Font (back) to the ASF, development within FOray stops, FOray uses a JAR from XML Graphics Commons, development continues within the XML Graphics Commons area, license grants are necessary due to ASF policy.

This is essentially what I tried to do from within FOP. It failed miserably.
I cannot afford to make that mistake again. More to come later by way of
answer to your other emails.

I have an interest in the future of FOray-Font, so my preference is shared with Victor.

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