I've seen such a warning in another FO implementation and thought this
woud be a nice service for our users. I didn't give the implications
much thought. Should I remove the check?

On 26.06.2005 16:13:39 Glen Mazza wrote:
> BTW, Jeremias--the recent warning you added to the 
> code on ignoring an span attribute on an fo:static-content descendant.  
> Keep in mind, it may end up *not* being ignored for three reasons:  (1) 
> layout may someday allow fo:static-content to be redirected to the 
> fo:region-body (where span values become relevant), although FOP 
> currently raises an error when that occurs; (2) There are some XSL 
> functions which allow you to reference the property value on that FO; 
> and (3) the span attribute could be inherited by 
> fo:instream-foreign-object that an fo:block encloses.  Personally, I 
> think this warning is not really needed (it is a given from the spec 
> that multiple columns aren't supported in side regions), or would better 
> be placed in layout (query the span attribute from SCLM and complain if 
> not "1" or "all".)

Jeremias Maerki

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