Another thing, that I'd like to bring up. We're approaching a state
where FOP Trunk code is usable for more serious use cases. The important
FOs are all implemented. In the past, we talked about making 1.0 meet
XSL 1.0 Basic Conformance. I believe to do that would be bad for the
project in its current state. We can't wait much longer and we
desperately need to attract active contributors. I don't mean that the
first release has to be a 1.0. But IMO we should get close to that.
Maybe call the first unstable preview release 0.9pr1. Once we have a
stable code base with a reasonable feature set and updated documentation
we should IMO call it 1.0 and go on from there.

I believe that we could do an initial unstable preview release with big
disclaimers all over the place in about two months. My next tasks are to
update the PostScript renderer and to make sure that PDF, PS and Java2D
output is more or less on the same level. After that we should do a
testing/bugfixing round to make the overall package real-world-usable.

Your thoughts?

Jeremias Maerki

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