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Manuel Mall wrote:

Regarding the "bolder", "lighter" issue and the general font selection I looked at the "pre-patch for FOrayFont adaptation to Fop" ( and concluded that meddling with the font selection system will interfere with the FOray font integration and that the FOray font system has addressed most of the font selection issues any way (not sure about the "bolder", "lighter" bits though). I will therefore back-off from that line of work and wait for the FOray font integration to complete, assuming that it is still going ahead.

Sorry to be so slow responding. I think Vincent is taking August off, but is
still working on the font integration work.

I confirm. Still one week offline (I'm connected only tonight) and I get back on my work on font integration.

Manuel and I have had an off-line conversation about the bolder/lighter
issue, and I think we will need to improve both the interface and the
implementation to handle this and the similar issues for font-stretch. I'll
work on that in the next week or two.

There was a TODO in the code where "bolder" and "lighter" should be handled. I've left it as is for now as it is not very important yet. I had the feeling that the new font mechanism would ease things but as you say there seems to be some work to do. We will have to discuss about that one day...


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