I am trying to figure out on which base value to apply the margin="5%" 
on the <fo:region-body> (see fragment below):

<fo:simple-page-master master-name="normal" 
      page-width="5in" page-height="5in" margin="5%">
   <fo:region-body margin="5%" />
   <fo:region-before extent="5%" />

The margin in the page-master element is obviously based on the 
page-width as there is no further containing block. The percentage on 
the extend="5%" in the <fo:region-before> is also relative to the 
page-width as the spec says so: "refer to the corresponding width of 
the page-viewport-area". This leaves the margin on the region-body. My 
interpretation is that the containing block / ancestor area of the 
region-body is the page-reference-area. Its content rectangle would in 
this case have the width (5in - 2*(5in * 0.05)). If my interpretation 
is correct it would mean that in the above example the margins on the 
region-body would be smaller than the extend on the region-before (=> 
not nice). I am concerned because it seems to be somewhat inconsistent 
that the percentage on extent in a region-before is evaluated against a 
different base than the percentage on a margin in a region-body.

I would appreciate if others could cross-check if my interpretation 
seems ok or not.



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