Agree, and I have a solution for that ready to go.

I think this deserves some further comment / discussion. One, IMO important, reason I want to do the evaluation during the FO parsing stage is that once we are in the LMs we lost the property inheritance information. That is something like:
   <fo:block font-size="120%">

looks to the LM like:
   <fo:block font-size="120%">
      <fo:block font-size="120%">Text</fo:block>

True, but the percentbase of the second 120% should be the same as the base of the first. They are both 120% of a value on <fo:flow>. So when evaluated, the result values will be the same. All inheritance must be resolve by the property system.

Otherwise it is a bug.

The reason for keeping the values as percentage is to support font-size="120% + 1pt" and to *really* open the discussion it should be noted that the spec does *not* require additive operation on relative lengths. Only multiplications are required.

Once the expression engine in fop tried to use that by calculating a factor to be applied to relative lengths.

Does svn view have an attic?


If it does I could propably find the code, it wasn't pretty.


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