Speaking of extensions, I'd like to resurrect the layout extensions

That isn't exactly use of the term "extension" which I'm using and which I think Jeremias is using in the ExtensionPoints wiki. Your extensions are additional useful features, when I talk about extensions it is the ability to dynamicly load additional behaviour without modifying FOP sources.

If your features could be implemeted as dynamicly loaded code, the result would be a lean FOP with incredible power ...

that were part of the code used to start the Knuth branch, but I want to be sure I'm allowed to do it.

.. and you wouldn't have to ask. :-)

OTOH, I'm not entirely sure how to design and implement such a system that dynamicly loads code into the layout system.

The set of extensions (a couple of new properties, and some new value for an existing one)

New properties are fine, new values to existing properties are bad, I think. It basicly makes the fo file into a FOP file, since no other processer can handle the 'illegal' values. It would be better to define fox:display-align="fill" which when specified will override the value of display-align.

is aimed to give the user more control about the page breaking: in particular, via these extensions it is possible to give the application a list of properties that can be adjusted in order to fill all the available bpd of a region (in addition / substitution to the spaces between blocks [1]).

I wonder why you don't mention that line-height is a min/opt/max space. Surely that will (when implemented) be usefull way to limit the size og empty areas.


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