yes, that is an option. What I am unsure about here is that the 
children, typically text areas, do not take the line spacing into 
account when reporting their bpd, that is the usually 10% space above 
and below the character. So what is the correct bpd for an fo:inline 
which has text area children: is it just the max bpd of its children or 
is it max bpd plus any line spacing settings from its parent?


On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 07:06 pm, Luca Furini wrote:
> Some days ago, Manuel Mall wrote:
> > The problem is that the Inline LM doesn't calculate the dimension
> > of the area it is suppose to construct from the subsequence given
> > to it by the Line LM. Instead it just assumes the dimension of the
> > line as given to it in the LayoutContext.
> >
> > However, to be able to do the required calculations the Inline LM
> > would need access to the KnuthElements of the subsequence it is
> > suppose to construct the area for. However, what's given to it is a
> > sequence of KnuthPositions (the standard addAreas() interface) not
> > elements.
> Maybe there is no need for the InlineLM to know the elements, or for
> the LineLM to compute the height of each inline: the LeafNodeLM (and
> its subclasses) already set their areas bpd according to the font
> ascender and descender.
> So, InlineLM.addAreas() could check the bpd of its inline children
> after adding them, and choose the larger one, which could be smaller
> than the line height.
> Or am I missing something important?
> Regards
>      Luca

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