> Again, ASF license policy. No more distribution of unreleased code from
> ASF hardware anymore. But you can use a Batik snapshot internally in
> your company.
Frankly I'm not keen in ASF policy so sorry for my naive questions.

> Yes I didn't think Batik was ready for a release just yet. So I guess,
> it boils down to the question: how long do you think it will be until
> Batik can do another release? If it's likely to be a long time, then
> perhaps we should make the change you suggest. 
I must confess I already tried this hack few days ago when having this
stroking problem. Compiled it with Java 1.6 (mustang beta) and new Java
version cannot be fooled like that:

cannot reference this before supertype constructor has been called
[javac]         super(init(userAgent, fontInfo, linkTransform));

So may be not compilable with future Java 1.6 (mustang) versions,
IMHO better wait for new Batik release then :(

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