On Jan 31, 2006, at 06:12, Manuel Mall wrote:

Just curious if you had a chance to have a look yet.

Errm... A look yes, but I haven't found the time to correct it yet. BTW: does anyone know whether the removeTrailingSpaces() method was the only part of layout concerned with space removal? The funny thing is that if I remove the border and padding props, the remaining space disappears. If that is so, then AFAICT, it's possible that my algorithm still doesn't produce the proper result, but layout corrects this (unless there's border-and-padding involved --which, IIC, leads to a different element list being constructed for spaces (?) see TextLayoutManager at line 832 "if (lineStartBAP != 0 || lineEndBAP != 0)"; I presume BAP is short for Border And Padding)



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