My name is Pierre-Henri Kraus and i'm a student at the University of Li├Ęge (ULG) in Belgium. I'm currently in the last year to be a bachelor in computing (5 years studies type), and i have to do an "end of study work", and mine consists of helping an open-source XSL-FO processor developpement team. After a preliminary analysis, i've chosen FOP, which proved to be the most advanced and "living".

I've had a talk with Jeremias, and with my supervising teacher too, and among the points worth looking at, we decided that i would work on page-number-citation-last from XSL 1.1 (if that's ok for you), and/or eventually, on reviving SVGRenderer if you can confirm me that it's about taking a SVG file as input for a fo:graphic element (by opposition to the SVG rendering backend).


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