Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Attention: long post. :-)
[snip stuff which reminds me on reinventing TeX/DVI]

Using the page master name to map onto output media suggests that
different page flows could be printed on different media. Is this
I don't like the idea of using the name of single-page-masters
all that much: people with complicated  page sequence masters
may easily forget to map one of the used single page masters
properly. I'd rather go for declaring the desired output directly
on the flow (using an extension attribute), on fo:root for providing
a default or in a fo:declarations (extension element). PIs are
also an option, they may enhance portability (ignored by other
software than the target processor) but may confuse users about
the scope where they apply and may provide surprises if read
too late in a streaming processing mode.


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