On Jun 7, 2006, at 20:46, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

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And so I did... Guess what: there seems to be an inherent error in the marker descendant re-parenting process. It must have been there for quite a while. Nobody ever noticed. :) Some debugging showed that the clones of the marker descendants have a RetrieveMarker as a parent (instead of the parent of the RetrieveMarker as prescribed by the Rec)

So, good news: Should be easy to fix, and the percentage resolution should work like a charm. :)

Looking closer, this error does have its reasons it seems...

RetrieveMarkers are resolved in the parent's createChildLMs(), in iterating over the list of childNodes. Subsequently, the RetrieveMarker is unable to reparent the cloned subtree to its own parent, since this would lead to a ConcurrentModificationException...

It's probably going to be easier to get the percentage resolution to point to the RetrieveMarker's parent in case it encounters a RetrieveMarker.



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