On Jun 19, 2006, at 2:37 AM, Chris Bowditch wrote:
Jeremias Maerki wrote:
On 18.06.2006 20:50:31 Simon Pepping wrote:
So maybe we need a feature freeze and bug fixing period?
Not only that. We need a Wiki page listing all issues everyone wants to
see fixed/handled before a 1.0 release. We can then decide on which
subset we are really going to process. Otherwise, we won't finish before


There was http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/ReleasePlanning. I
suggest we streamline that page and bring it up to date again, so we
have a single point to look at to track the progress towards 1.0.

Good idea.

With all the feedback so far I think it's better to do another 0.x round soon, i.e. FOP 0.93. We've already communicated that 0.92 would be the last before 1.0 but if there's so much hesitation for 1.0 we'd better do
a 0.93 first. Beta tag? I wouldn't. Disappointed? Probably. Sorry. I
guess I grew too attached to this thing.

Removing the beta tag will help me persuade more folks to use FOP 0.9x. Going to 1.0 will make this job easier still. Although I can't help but think we should fix the changing IPD problem first as well :(


I was also thinking it would be good to identify some 'pre- requisites' for a launch in a wiki. Testing on large documents would be great as well. In any case, even after we release, people don't have to switch (they can still use 0.20.5 if they like!).

My preference would be to do a release sooner (in July if possible). Once we do a release, we'll have a lot more beta^H^H^H^H early adopters who can help us iron out the details (BTW, I'm very impressed with the progress the FOP-DEV team has made!).

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