> > > PS: There seems to be a problem, then, with the third paragraph
> > > of the
> > > attached fo file. IIUC it should be placed 1 cm right from the black
> > > border. And if I remove the start-indent="0" attribute from the fo:block
> > > it should be placed 2 cm right. WDYT?
> >
> > Yes, that's what's happening and what should be happening. I don't see
> > the problem, sorry.
> Well, with my working copy I get the following results:
> When start-indent is explicitly set to "0cm" for the third paragraph,
> the text is placed 1 cm /left/ from the black border:
> http://atvaark.dyndns.org/~vincent/ref-area_start-indent-0cm.pdf
> When start-indent is unset, the text is placed 2 cm left from the black
> border:
> http://atvaark.dyndns.org/~vincent/ref-area_start-indent-none.pdf
> Same result with Fop 0.92beta. My working copy is up-to-date with the
> repository and contains no local modification. I wonder where is the
> problem. May I ask which results do others get?

Damn, I had the "break indent inheritance" switch enabled. Seems to be a
bug then, somewhere in IndentPropertyMaker.computeConforming(). Grr.

Should I open a Bugzilla entry for that? Or submit a disabled testcase?
Or even both?


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