Hi Sebastian,

I had tried for printing in arabic using fop. But the Text were reversed in
the pdf after that i used a function to reverse in fo file but the meaning
of the text got changed. Could you Please help me in which file you disabled
that function to get arabic print properly or any idea how to do that.
Please Chk the attachment . I had displayed two line 1) Correct 2) Wrong

Regards Prakash.
http://www.nabble.com/user-files/235836/QuotHeader.doc QuotHeader.doc 

Sebastian Weber-2 wrote:
> If I set the writing-mode to rl-tb my text is flipped vertical. This
> happens 
> because the CTM class rotates the transformation matrix for rendering 
> according to the writing mode. If I want to write right-to-left this has 
> nothing to do with mirroring of cause and I disabled it, because I want to 
> print arabic text. So what is the purpose of mirroring in rl-tb 
> writing-mode? What errors will appear if I disable the CTM.getWMctm() 
> function that does the mirroring according to the writing-mode?
> I achived printing (pdf) arabic text after some weeks of work ignoring any 
> xsl:fo recommendations. The most things I did in the TextLayoutManager.
> Now 
> I'm thinking about implementing it according to the recommendations and
> the 
> BIDI algorithm. Is anyone already engaged in this?
> Regards, Sebastian

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