Andrejus Chaliapinas wrote:

Normally, I just construct the FO part in the test case and then run the
thing once so I get the current area tree XML. I obviously get an error
if I have no checks, because we don't want any test cases without checks.
When I have a first area tree XML I create the first checks I can build.
I don't have to have every check there from the beginning. I add more
checks as I progress with the implementation/fix. So, while this is a
test-first approach, it is not necessarily also a all-checks-first
approach. :-) The test case grows with you. ;-)

But if you first construct FO part and run testcase without any checks - how
you could be sure that produced Area Tree is correct?

With an intimate knowledge of XSL-FO spec! Its not always easy to know, and takes time to work out.

And if then later want to expand your FO part - do you need again remove all
checks, run your testcase, get new Area Tree and return checks back with
additional ones?

Yes thats right.



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