Hi Manuel,

> unfortunately for the purpose of understanding the area tree, the
> terminology, and the geometry the XSL-FO specification is your best
> friend

Yes, I've heard that before. Hope that support/extensive documentation will
grow up later. It's usually the case with dynamically progressing projects.

> I don't quite understand hwy you are so focused on the test cases. A
> test case is exactly that - it tests a specific piece of functionality.

I'm not so focused on them as it may seems, but good (and clear) test case
always helps me in my development life to kind of summarize what is achieved
so far. Due to my only initail involvement phase in FOP development - clear
test run (when you don't get warnings regarding feature is not implemented,
while you are running applied patch for that exactly feature) is a must for
me to see if project development (and test cases are part of that) just
follows some usual best practices and doesn't contain a lot of
incompleteness/half-of-way code.

> So we are getting back to the start. You need to understand what the
> area tree is suppose to look like for the feature you want to test.
> Then you can write the checks for the particular testcase.

Yes, will exactly do that now via everything I could find on that topic on
the Web.

Will ask more reasonable questions later.


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