Oh, I found a good one in the 1.1 spec.

Remove page-position=last/only; there is no way to guarentee that it can
work. There is no algorithm that can make it work in the general case. Sure,
if the last page and the page that would have been there had it not been the
last page used the same region content rectangle, then it's fine.

But the user is not so constrained; the user can use any page. If the
content is small enough that it fits on the not-last-page version, but is
too big for the the last page version (or, in 1.1's case, doesn't even
provide a region body that is in this flow's region map), then it can't be
the actual last page, as you need another. It's fundamentally impossible in
the general case.

If they can't be removed, then at least provide some warning to the user
about unresolvable cases. And provide some specified behavior from the FO
processor in this case (chop off the content, etc).

I suppose one could cheat by adding a blank last page ;) But I imagine the
user would be pretty upset by that...
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