> Would you please try to run URI resolution through
> FOUserAgent.resolveURI()? That way we'll have a uniform URI resolution
> everywhere.

I understand your concern. I will look into it but the issue is that
ColorUtil is really a bunch of static methods that at this stage have no
access to any instance objects. I am sure that can be changed but I am
concerned this is going to ripple down to a lot of files and I would rather
start out by leaving as much code as possible untouched.

> Uhm, that's not so good. We were trying to avoid statics where possible.
> I'd prefer to keep that Map in FOUserAgent (per rendering run), or if
> you want to cache the profiles, we should make a cache class with
> SoftReferences similar to what is implemented in ImageFactory and attach
> that to the FopFactory. But I can look into this. I don't want to put
> too much on your shoulders if you don't want to. It's cool enough that
> you're putting so much energy into this.

Basically the same issue here. ColorUtil is static....and as a (lousy)
excuse, I mainly just duplicated the colorMap cache "idea"....but I agree
one should avoid those static beasts. Not caching the ColorProfiles on the
other hand seems not a good idea either, from a memory consumption

Again (sorry for repeating myself) I would rather see this included and
continue from there...building up fop-dev experience step by step.

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