>> What is not clear to me is how I can get hold of the color-profile
>> information (as in 
>>     <fo:declarations>
>>         <fo:color-profile color-profile-name="...." src="..."/> ?
>>     </fo:declarations>
>> )

>Hmm, yes, I guess that will also have to be implemented. Take a look at
>org.apache.fop.fo.pagination.ColorProfile. Something is already there
>but with TODO flags. The color profiles will be stored in the
>Declarations object. You will then have to extend
>org.apache.fop.fo.pagination.Declarations with methods for accessing
>individual ColorProfiles. The Declarations object is accessible through
>the Root object.

I am struggling with the fact that the Color object is created in the
ColorUtil#parseColorString method which does not have access to the FO tree
(I think). 

I see two approaches. Either the signature of parseColorString has to change
to take an extra argument that gives access to the tree or creating the
java.awt.Color derived class has to be postponed. Perhaps there are other
solutions as well.

At first sight I would think extending parseColorString makes the most
sense, but I am not sure all callers of parseColorString have access to the
tree and I'd rather not see function signature changes ripple up/down

Any thoughts?



PS Apologies for the 101 nature of my questions - not sure they are actually
suited for this list.
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