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Jeremias Maerki wrote:
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On 02.04.2007 11:05:03 Adrian Cumiskey wrote:
Of course this would mean a change in a low level interface but would be a trivial change for all our renderers.

"our" renderers, yes. You also need to consider custom renderer
developed outside of FOP. If you implement the other method, you can
simply call the old one and you have a compatible change. But see below...

Yes I am aware of this and I did consider the impact upon custom renderers, this is why I raised my query with the dev forum. Maybe I should of added "at least" to the end of that statement to make my understanding of the consequences of this change clear.

The reason why this is important is that the implementing renderer may need to do some initial preparation work before page processing (e.g. in my case the postscript renderer may want to access some extensions that have been defined as children of the simple page master prior to processing the individual pages in its sequence). I don't think I'm missing something here..

I don't understand the motivation here. The simple page master is
something that changes from page to page. I'd like to know why you want
to access something from a page-master in the context of a page-sequence.
If you had an extension element for PostScript as direct child of
page-sequence, then I'd understand.

My mistake. Indeed its the simple page master I am interested in, and I have now found a way if implementing what I need to do which requires no change to the interface :-).

Speak now or forever hold your peace :-)

This is not very helpful, despite the smiley. Besides, things change.
Your post is the best example of that. Well, maybe I'm missing a joke
not being native English speaking.

I will try to be less playful with my language in future so as to not cause any unnecessary confusion. It is a phrase said (for "dramatic effect" mostly in movies..) just before two people get married. Someone then in the audience of the ceremony has an opportunity to leap forward and object to the action.


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