On Apr 4, 2007, at 16:42, Adrian Cumiskey wrote:

Hi Adrian / Jeremias,

<snip />

Speak now or forever hold your peace :-)
This is not very helpful, despite the smiley. Besides, things change.
Your post is the best example of that. Well, maybe I'm missing a joke
not being native English speaking.

I will try to be less playful with my language in future so as to not cause any unnecessary confusion.

Please don't let one misunderstanding hold you back here. If it 'slips' out as it were, so be it. If someone misunderstands, then there is always the possibility for further explanation.

There have been times when I myself caused much worse misunderstandings (mainly by /not/ including emoticons). Also, only recently, Jeremias himself added a note to a bug which apparently did not sit too well with Joe, the Reporter... :-)

I got the drift of the above expression without further explanation (and English is not my mother tongue either...)

Freedom of expression is higher up on my list than avoiding misunderstandings. (To make the latter work, /everyone/ should keep their thoughts to themselves ;-))



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