- I suggest you to install and setup checkstyle if you haven't done yet;

OK. Did that.

- don't forget to add the ASF headers (checkstyle will notify you about
 that, BTW) and set the "svn:keywords Id" and "svn:eol-style native" on
 new files.

Other folks corrected that for me, I guess, but I have figured out how to add the properties, so I should get it right going forward.

- if your modifications are non-trivial (as is the case here), it's very
 important to add a note about them in the status.xml file. The content
 of this file appears on the following web page:

Where? In the xdocs project? If so, which file?

 This is a key page for our users to follow FOP's evolutions. If the
 change is important and deserves to be highlighted in the release
 notes of the next version (as, again, is the case here), you should
 add the importance="high" attribute to the entry. See for example

Same question: where?

I poked around the developer pages to try to find how to add changes and release notes, but I didn't see anything.


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