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Jay Bryant a écrit :
>> - if your modifications are non-trivial (as is the case here), it's very
>>  important to add a note about them in the status.xml file. The content
>>  of this file appears on the following web page:
>>  http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/changes.html
> Where? In the xdocs project? If so, which file?

Actually right at the root of the project.

>>  This is a key page for our users to follow FOP's evolutions. If the
>>  change is important and deserves to be highlighted in the release
>>  notes of the next version (as, again, is the case here), you should
>>  add the importance="high" attribute to the entry. See for example
>>  here:
>>  http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/0.93/releaseNotes_0.93.html
> Same question: where?

That's in the same file. I should probably have been clearer. When
generating the website the content of the status.xml file is used to
automatically generate the status pages:
- for the Trunk and all the previous versions:
- for the latest release:
And the changes marked as important are also reproduced on the release

Everything from the same status.xml file.


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