Paul, thanks for the heads up and the explanation. I'm looking forward
to your patch. This is going to be a very important feature for all the
people doing book-style documents.

On 04.04.2007 18:12:53 Paul Vinkenoog wrote:
> Hi all,
> > Great addition, I agree, but is it supposed to work? I tried it out
> > and although some new elements are generated in the PDF the
> > destinations don't work.
> It's a small error: the PDFDestination class uses the reference to the
> page object as its goToReference. What it should use is a reference to
> a /Goto that jumps to the page in question.
> There's also something wrong with makeLink(Rectangle2D rect, String
> destination, int linkType, float yoffset) in PDFFactory. The following
> line is commented out twice:
>  //String file = destination.substring(0, index + 4);
> Both instances should be uncommented, and in the corresponding calls
> to getGoToPDFAction (2 lines below), "destination" must be replaced
> with "file".
> Otherwise, Jay's destinations (once fixed) will be fine but they won't
> ever be found by FOP-built external links.
> > The elements generated also look a little different than in 0.20.5,
> > and I'm not referring to the fact that currently we only reference
> > pages and not coordinates on pages.
> As to that: I will probably submit my basic-links patch tomorrow. It
> makes links and bookmarks land "on the spot". I'll also hook up the
> named destinations to that mechanism.
> Kind regards,
> Paul Vinkenoog

Jeremias Maerki

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