Hello !!

First, thanks for the work, but I have 2 remarks:

1/ I have done a little test with 2 pdf documents that have externals links
between them. These documents are xml docbook files and are generated with
saxon to obtain xsl-fo then with the last fop-trunk (527408) for pdf. When I click on a external link on the first pdf, the second pdf is open by firefox on the first page but it doesn't go on the good page where the external link

2/ when I repeat this test with the 42067 patch, I get the same result as
case 1.

remark : in case 2, bookmarks work fine but in case 1, it goes on the top of
the page.

Did I miss something ?


Hugues Leonardi.

Hi, Hugues,

Thanks for looking at the patch for us - all testing helps.

I am also developing a DocBook-based system for one of my clients, and it was that client's needs that drove the effort for named destinations. That client is just about to post a bunch of books produced with their DocBook system to their web site, and that will be the acid test, I guess.

Eventually, we'll discover the reasons behind the odd behavior and find a fix for it. In the meantime, please bear with us.


Jay Bryant
Bryant Communication Services

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