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> Hugues Leonardi wrote:
> > 
> > Hello Paul,
> > 
> > All the external links open the second pdf at the first page in acrobat
> > reader. I don't think  it is the accent aigu in the id. My xsl-fo and the
> > pdf files are here : 
> > http://leohome.free.fr/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=PmWiki.Documentation
> > http://leohome.free.fr/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=PmWiki.Documentation 
> > External links have been written in red in the file named
> > guide-demarrage.xml.pdf. There are in page 27, 31, 37, 40...

I read these documents in xpdf on a linux system, and I get the
same results: the links from the demarrage document open the reference
document on the first page. xpdf shows the value of the links as
"../guide-reference/guide-reference.xml.pdf", suggesting that the
named destinations did not make it into the PDF document.

I read Paul's documents in xpdf as well, and the GoToR links worked
perfectly. The URI links did not, but that is due to the fact that
xpdf does not know the base URI. BTW, one of the documents is called
dest.pdf, not dests.pdf. 

Hugues, your GDeLTK application looks interesting. I will take a
closer look at it. It is a bit of a problem that it is all in French,
but I can also see that as a challenge to refresh my French.

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
home page: http://www.leverkruid.eu

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