On Jul 13, 2007, at 15:45, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Hi Vincent

I'll soon start the release process for XML Graphics Commons. There's
not much to do there, apart from updating the website content. Meanwhile I'd like to enter some kind of freezing phase in the FOP area. That is,
mainly, avoid to perform too big changes which might introduce
instabilities in the code.


I propose the following plan:
- make a list of patches/bugs that we would like to apply/fix before
  releasing. Here everyone can help, even non-committers ;-) Once the
  list is done we will see how many of them we can handle.

Shall I post a little survey mail on fop-users? Maybe it's good to know for them as well about the upcoming release...

- refactor the website according to Chris' recent suggestions. That
requires some writing skills and a minimal knowledge of Cocoon/ Forrest
  and I'd be /very/ grateful for any help in this area...
- once Commons is released we can start the process for FOP

I'll create the branch very soon, as it's probably best to perform the
website refactoring in it. Once it's done we will have to be careful
when committing changes. I suggest to perform code changes on Trunk only and merge in the 0.94 branch if applicable; and make website changes in
the branch only, that I'll merge back into Trunk once the release is


Speaking of branches, I noticed that there are many (very) old branches
on Subversion. What about removing them? Some cleanup wouldn't hurt,
<snip />

No explicit opinion here.

Some time ago we discussed about abandoning support for Java 1.3. Since then I forgot to launch the poll on fop-user. I guess this will have to
be postponed and 1.3 archives will be provided for 0.94.

Not necessarily, IMO. Now may just be a good time to start dropping support for 1.3, precisely by not releasing new binaries anymore. Users will be warned that with the sources, a 1.3 build is still possible, but they would have to do it on their own. After the release, we can then gradually start dropping support for 1.3 in the code as well, and clean up some there too.

For you, this means less work with building the release-binaries :-)
Only a few extra lines of caution in the announce mail.



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