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As always, we value your input and feedback."
So I suppose auto table-layout is still out of the question?  [That's
what I most want.]
While nothing is out of the question I would think that it is most likely in your court at the moment to make it happen.

While I can't speak for the other FOP developers from my (limited) understanding most of us don't have a pressing need for that feature. For example I deal mainly with day to day business type documents (invoices, orders, etc.). The need for auto layout never came up in this context. My customers want full control on how these documents look without leaving anything to 'chance' what auto layout to some extent is.

I am not saying there is no place for auto layout only that in my experience with the 10's of thousands of documents my customers have produced with FOP it is not really needed.

In the end 'what itches us most' is being build and, unfortunately from your point of view, auto table layout is probably not a 'big itch' at the moment.
The main use case I see for auto-table-layout is things like generalized report formats for ad hoc reports.

Of course one can use a commercial report generation engine for such things instead...

Jess Holle

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