Hi Adrian,

Many thanks for looking into this. That means that I’m not entirely 
crazy, or at least that I’m not the only one ;-)

I guess some changes were made in the last couple of months with broke 
the 1.3 compatibility. Or our systems are simply too recent now for 
running Java 1.3. I had to retrieve an old libstdc++ library that wasn’t 
on my default installation...

I won’t have the time to work on the release before Thursday. If by that 
time someone else manages to create 1.3 builds, all the better. 
Otherwise I’ll just ship the 1.4 ones.


Adrian Cumiskey a écrit :
> Hi Vincent,
> I spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to get it working on my
> system (Feisty Ubuntu and using Sun Java 1.3.1_20-b03).  Initially I had
> a little bit of tweaking to do as ant seems to want to use
> org.apache.xml.serializer.SerializerTrace which isn't bundled with the
> default ant installation so I had to copy serializer.jar to the ant lib
> folder.
> Having got this working I experienced the same NoSuchMethodErrors that
> you did when I run the ant junit target.  There seems to be no obvious
> reason for these errors.  After this I tried to get this working I tried
> my old Windows setup (which used to build nicely with 1.3).  It
> exhibited the same problem too.  Very strange...  if anyone else tries
> to build this I'd be interested to hear of about their experiences - and
> share the pain, so to speak ;-).
> Adrian.
> Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> Ok, I’ve had enough. I’ve spent almost the whole day trying to build
>> a FOP distribution with Java 1.3. First trying to solve that problem of
>> Xalan not found. Then fighting to get JCE working, to finally still have
>> the corresponding testcase fail [1]. Then having cryptic
>> NoSuchMethodErrors here and there [2].
>> Creating an Eclipse project and setting up a 1.3 jdk allowed me to
>> compile and run the files from [2] with no problem. Compiling from the
>> commandline failed. Running build.xml from the Eclipse project failed
>> (same error as [2]). Setting the javac.source and javac.target to 1.3 in
>> build.properties doesn’t change anything.
>> I’m not gonna spend my week-end on figuring out how to get a 1.3 build.
>> That’s no fun and I have plenty of other more worthy things to do on
>> FOP. I don’t need 1.3 compatibility, I’ve not even used Java 1.3 ever in
>> my life, so I really don’t care about it.
>> If someone else wants to take care of the 1.3 build, I’m happy to leave
>> him holding the baby, the branch is ready to be tagged. Otherwise users
>> who need it will have to build FOP themselves from the source.
>> Vincent
>> [1]
>> junit-basic:
>>      [echo] Running basic functionality tests for fop.jar
>>     [junit] Testsuite: org.apache.fop.StandardTestSuite
>>     [junit] Tests run: 29, Failures: 1, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 2,163
>> sec
>>     [junit]
>>     [junit] Testcase:
>> testPDFEncodingWithStandardFont(org.apache.fop.render.pdf.PDFEncodingTestCase):
>>       FAILED
>>     [junit] 3 PDFE_TEST_MARK_ markers must be found expected:<3> but
>> was:<0>
>>     [junit] junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: 3 PDFE_TEST_MARK_
>> markers must be found expected:<3> but was:<0>
>>     [junit]     at
>> org.apache.fop.render.pdf.PDFEncodingTestCase.checkEncoding(PDFEncodingTestCase.java:140)
>>     [junit]     at
>> org.apache.fop.render.pdf.PDFEncodingTestCase.runTest(PDFEncodingTestCase.java:104)
>>     [junit]     at
>> org.apache.fop.render.pdf.PDFEncodingTestCase.testPDFEncodingWithStandardFont(PDFEncodingTestCase.java:73)
>>     [junit]
>>     [junit]
>>     [junit] Test org.apache.fop.StandardTestSuite FAILED
>> [2] Run ant junit-layout-standard
>> Or try the column-number_non-integer.fo file in test/fotree/testcases

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