In theory this would be more logical to finish implementing the features
that the spec does describe. However, I can hear the business
motivations behind this proposal. I have nothing against it, I just
won’t try and make a big effort to provide support (either dev or user).

So this is a +0 from me.

A few comments inline.

Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
> <page-set>:
> Value: auto | <integer-range>
> Default: "auto" which means all pages of the document.
> integer-range allows values such as "7" or "1-3"

What about 1,3-5,7,11-? :-P

> Benefits of the extension:
> - It is mostly useful for multi-page TIFF files (scanned documents and
> faxes) and PDFs (with my PDF-in-PDF plug-in).
> - It removes the necessity to post-process the generated output file
> (for example with PDFBox or iText).

But PDFBox will still be necessary to insert the external document in
the sequence of pages? Just curious.

> While writing this it occurred to me that this could also be implemented
> as an FO-preprocessor (SAX filter). However, since this proprocessor
> would have to generate page masters depending on the images which have
> to be inserted at the beginning of the FO file, this could be
> inefficient. The only benefits I see is that it could be used with other
> FO implementations, too,

Do we really care about that? :-P  “Sorry, it only works with FOP,
you’ll have to use FOP to benefit from this feature.” Isn’t that
a shame.

> and that it wouldn't add code to FOP which has
> to be maintained. So, I would prefer to implement this as a layout
> manager.

As long as it doesn’t turn the current architecture upside down. But
I guess it won’t, will it?

> I know this is again something that doesn't really bring FOP closer to
> version 1.0. Again, it's simply coming from people using FOP on a
> day-to-day basis.

Which makes FOP live, anyway.


Have fun ;-)


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