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> I've been playing with the idea for some time and the time has come to
> bring this up. I would like to write an FO extension which allows to
> insert a multi-page document into an FO document, so each page produces
> a new page of exactly the same dimensions as the bitmap image in the
> final format (by default). With fo:external-graphic it's only possible
> to embed one single image somewhere inline. Of course, it's possible to
> position the fo:external-graphic so it takes up the whole page and you
> can even address individual pages (<uri>#page=3) with the new image
> package but you'd still need to know at least the number of pages at
> XSLT time to get this right. Instead, I'd like to do this with a single
> extension element on the same level as fo:page-sequence. I've called it
> fox:external-document for now. Here's the proposed specification:

<snip'd />

> While writing this it occurred to me that this could also be implemented
> as an FO-preprocessor (SAX filter). However, since this proprocessor
> would have to generate page masters depending on the images which have
> to be inserted at the beginning of the FO file, this could be
> inefficient. The only benefits I see is that it could be used with other
> FO implementations, too, and that it wouldn't add code to FOP which has
> to be maintained. So, I would prefer to implement this as a layout
> manager.
> I know this is again something that doesn't really bring FOP closer to
> version 1.0. Again, it's simply coming from people using FOP on a
> day-to-day basis.
> Jeremias Maerki

Looks interesting... I recall wishing 0.20.5 had something like this
back in the day. +1 from me.


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