Hi Jeremias,

Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Why do I keep regretting every single post I'm writing here lately? I
> know I'm not a diplomat and I would like to do anything to avoid escalating
> things I'm involved with (without having the sit on my mouth). Obviously,
> I'm doing something wrong. I apologize for attacking you, Vincent,

It’s ok, we’re all Humans after all (read: we’re far from perfect ;-) ).
I can’t say myself I’m always an example of diplomacy.
In the end we’re all trying to get things done the best way possible, 
and that’s what counts.

> although that wasn't my intention. I still disagree with some of your
> views but don't really know how to do this in a better way. I'm trying

I have the vague feeling that we didn’t manage to fully understand each 
other’s point of view on this. Once you have some code working I’ll have 
a look at it and possibly submit a patch to illustrate my ideas. But it 
may well be that it’ll just be fine after all.

> to stay technical but don't manage. I'll try to improve.
> Jeremias Maerki


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