Vincent Hennebert wrote:
Adrian made the suggestion some time ago of using the fo:declarations
element to override configuration on a per-document basis:
It’s not as fine-grained as a PI (no
means to say “from now on, do this”), but I share Jeremias’ feeling
about PIs.

From my experience, a mechanism saying “from now on, do this” is
likely to confuse a non-trivial amount of users.

I think there should be the following hierarchy (which is already
complex enough)
- config file
- overridden by command line arguments
- overridden on a per document basis by extension elements in the
  fo:declarations section
- overridden on a per element basis by extension attributes on the
- overridden by specific "force" command line arguments ("force
  all warnings/problems to be fatal" may be the only one of this kind)


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