Clay removed the XML file to work around a problem in Forrest in 2004. The
stylesheets are indeed obsolete if the original file is deleted. You
should change the ihtml if you need to do any changes.

On 26.02.2008 11:12:49 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi,
> What’s the status of the compliance.ihtml file we can find in the xdocs 
> directory? It looks like this file was automatically generated, and 
> indeed there are compliance2*.xsl files in the resources/stylesheets 
> directory. But those stylesheets don’t seem to be referenced anywhere, 
> and I can’t find the original xml file either, if any. Is this file now 
> the original one? If there is anything to modify, should that be done in 
> this file?
> Thanks,
> Vincent
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