On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 3:55 AM, Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 26.02.2008 12:39:22 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>  > Jeremias Maerki wrote:
>  > > Clay removed the XML file to work around a problem in Forrest in 2004. 
> The
>  > > stylesheets are indeed obsolete if the original file is deleted. You
>  > > should change the ihtml if you need to do any changes.
>  >
>  > What was the problem?
>  Please look in the archives or wait until Clay can answer. I don't
>  really remember.

The compliance transformation stylesheets were broken, we needed a
mechanism to add information. The .ihtml document essentially gets
passed through Forrest so you can easily edit the file with an HTML
editor (WYSIWYG if you prefer!).

>  > Any chance that it could work with Forrest 0.8? If
>  > yes, would it make sense to restore the xml file? If no, can we remove
>  > the stylesheets? Why ihtml and not simply html?
>  I'd prefer working off the XML file but porting back all the changes
>  into the XML since 2004 is going to be hard work!

I think of it as 'it would be nice' but it'll take a lot of work for
IMHO not that much of a gain.

>  > That allows me to jump to the next subject: Clay, have you had any
>  > chance to make progress on the transition to Forrest 0.8? If not (which
>  > is ok), could you commit you current changes to a branch, so that other
>  > people can take over the work? Thanks!
>  >
>  > Also, what's the status of plugging FOP Trunk into Forrest? From what
>  > I could find in the Forrest archive it looks like it's almost done. Will
>  > it be available in Forrest 0.8?
>  It's done. Everyone is happy. People from more than three projects were
>  involved to make this happen (XML Graphics, Cocoon, Forrest). Ferdinand
>  Soethe tells me there are some problems with 0.8 but trunk seems to work
>  just fine now. Since we've used the 0.7 branch until now, we could just
>  as well define that we use a particular trunk revision for the time
>  being.

I have FOP built off of 0.8, but I have issues with the links to the
generated files like release notes, changes, etc.[1] (any ideas about
those links?). In addition I need to redo my refactoring of the web
site[2]. That shouldn't take long, as I think I've got a pretty clear

As for Forrest:Views, I've spent some time trying to get forrest:views
to work, but it was largely unsuccessful. I don't believe it was ever
finished, and I believe they're moving on to using a new system for
managing 'themes' in the upcoming Forrest 0.90 release

In any event, I think I'll focus on making the site more usable. I'll
use the ideas in the Refactoring website (was Re: Next release -
when?) thread as a guide.

[1] (search for 'forrest.validate.xdocs.excludes') for the issues...



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