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Am 09.06.2008 um 20:01 schrieb Vincent Hennebert:

There’s a point that I’d like to further discuss: why wouldn’t we
implement Retroweaver/Retrotranslator in the Trunk? If we go the
cautious route, that is if we run the test suite on a 1.4 jvm after  each
introduction of a 1.5 feature and before committing the change, I  don’t
see what’s the problem. Doing it in a branch more or less boils down  to
not doing it at all IMO... Or this would be a very short-lived branch
(no more than a few weeks), just the time to test

Just saw that retroweaver contains verification against a 1.4 jdk if a classpath is given (e.g. a 1.4 jdk is installed). We could add this to the build path and require commiters to have a 1.4 jdk installed, and call verification during the build phase. This would actually be an advantage over the current situation, where 1.5 specific code (new methods) are sometimes added accidentally.

Maybe we can start with just the verification an no retroweaving just  yet?

Yes I like that idea :)

+1 from me.


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