Max Berger wrote:
Jess Holle schrieb:
As of October of this year anything prior to Java 5 will be officially
unsupported by Sun except where you have a paid support contract with
them (including that for Solaris).  Add to that the fact that Java 1.4
is so limiting for so many things and Java 5 is supported on even the
most odd ball platforms (except Java ME, but I don't see FOP on ME...)
I have to disagreee. AAMOF, java 1.5 is ONLY supported on a select
number of plattforms, mainly the ones Sun provides the JDK for (or is
licensed). Those are:

Solaris / Sparc
Linux / Intel
Windows / Intel.
OS X / PowerPC + Intel (licensed)
*BSD / Intel (through emulation layers)

There are some be specific IBM jdks (on IBM plattforms), but I have no
experience with these.

That's it. Anyone using any other plattforms (such as Linux / Sparc,
etc.) has to use either the blackdown JDK ( stuck at 1.4 ), or different
JVMs, such as Jikes, Kaffee, etc., ALL OF THEM stuck at 1.4 as well or
not fully compatible (such as gcj). I have Linux / Sparc as a work
machine, and have been looking for a way to run 1.5 code for quite a
while... OpenJDK being the most promising solution (although still not
I guess I shouldn't have said "even the most odd ball platforms" but rather all but the most odd ball platforms.

Java 5 runs on HPUX and AIX machines as well -- as well as on Solaris x86. When you've got Windows, Mac OS X, x86 Linux, Solaris, HPUX, and AIX covered, I'd say that's pretty good. The other platforms are, er, odd balls.

The question is whether you hold everything else back for the odd balls that seem unlikely to progress beyond 1.4.

Jess Holle

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