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Retrotranslator looks to have a more fully implemented feature set.  Maybe we 
should try both.


Max Berger wrote:
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Dear Fop-devs,

Jess Holle schrieb:
As of October of this year anything prior to Java 5 will be officially
unsupported by Sun except where you have a paid support contract with
them (including that for Solaris).  Add to that the fact that Java 1.4
is so limiting for so many things and Java 5 is supported on even the
most odd ball platforms (except Java ME, but I don't see FOP on ME...)

I have to disagreee. AAMOF, java 1.5 is ONLY supported on a select
number of plattforms, mainly the ones Sun provides the JDK for (or is
licensed). Those are:

Solaris / Sparc
Linux / Intel
Windows / Intel.
OS X / PowerPC + Intel (licensed)
*BSD / Intel (through emulation layers)

There are some be specific IBM jdks (on IBM plattforms), but I have no
experience with these.

That's it. Anyone using any other plattforms (such as Linux / Sparc,
etc.) has to use either the blackdown JDK ( stuck at 1.4 ), or different
JVMs, such as Jikes, Kaffee, etc., ALL OF THEM stuck at 1.4 as well or
not fully compatible (such as gcj). I have Linux / Sparc as a work
machine, and have been looking for a way to run 1.5 code for quite a
while... OpenJDK being the most promising solution (although still not

But as said in my earlier mail, retrotranslator / retroweaver works very
well, and I would not mind the extra overhead. I just saw that
retroweaver has some additional support for verification against an
older JDK, this should definitely be used.

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