--- Comment #5 from Andreas L. Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-11-30 
14:12:01 PST ---

I started playing with it myself, and I had the idea of registering the URI as
a separate object, to be referenced by the links.

Not sure, but it seems a cleaner and more comprehensive approach for cases
where an identical URI is referenced by many links. 
OTOH, it could have drawbacks, in case a large number of different URIs is
referenced by only one link at a time (?)

Changes made in a nutshell:

1. PDFDocument 
  -> added List of uris + accompanying findUriAction() method
2. PDFFactory 
  -> added getUriAction() method, which depends on 1. 
  -> changed getExternalAction() accordingly: replace instantiations to go
through getUriAction()
3. PDFUri 
  -> change getAction() implementation to return the PDF object reference (like
PDFGoTo does)
  -> change toPDFString() to contain the code contained in Peter's suggested

I'll try to post a patch shortly, but it seems I've made a rather large number
of other unrelated changes (mostly minor cleanups) to the code, which would
only confuse people...

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