Do you have a real-world example of what you're trying to build? I mean,
your earlier picture suggests that most of the EEE content belongs to
the CCC section. What is DDD? A sum at the end? I don't get how this
fits together on a logical level. Maybe you could generate the DDD in a
similar way as I suggested for the repeating CCC: via a block-container
(from the table-footer or from the EEE cell). Anyway, this seems way
beyond what XSL-FO provides. An extension would be very specific to your
use case here I suspect.

And no, the table marker would not be invoked in the picture you
provided if it is defined by the CCC cell.

On 03.02.2009 10:29:27 Georg Datterl wrote:
> Hi Jeremias, 
> I had similar thoughts, but:
> At the moment, the table would (contrary to my previous example) look like:
> ---break---
> TH1 TH2
>     EEE
>     EEE
>     EEE
> Cell D is on the first page, even with vertical alignment it is at best 
> printed on the bottom of the first page, but never on the second page. Would 
> the table marker get invoked in this case? 
> Regards,
> Georg Datterl

Jeremias Maerki

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