Hi Chris,

Chris Bowditch wrote:
> Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> Hi All,
> Hi Vincent,
>> Obviously this is a limited approach. There is likely to be
>> a (potentially huge) waste of CPU cycles due to the re-creation of Knuth
>> elements. There may be side effects that I’ve missed so far. But I think
>> it’s worth giving it a try.
> Will the increase in CPU cycles only occur if there is a change in IPD,
> or will this affect performance for existing users with the same width
> on every page?

No, the impact on performance will occur only when the IPD changes.
Performance should remain the same for documents that are already
supported by the current code.

>> What I’m planning to do is create a branch in which I would 
>> experiment
>> that idea. If it turns out to be feasible then we could merge it back to
>> Trunk, advertise the ‘fix’ and document its limitations. And hopefully
>> that will relieve some pressure on the implementation of the more
>> complete new approach.
> Thanks,
> Chris


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