Hi all,

First, I'd like to thank all FOP developers for creating such a great tool that 
tackles really, really hard problems. I'm developing an OSS tool for generating 
PDF (and other formats) from a wiki-like syntax and it uses FOP instensively.

Now I met some people that could be interested by Novelang (the OSS tool of 
mine) but they need index entries. XSL 1.1 specification supports this, but in 
the short term FOP doesn't seem to be implementing it.

FO markers are great for single pages, but they come short when referencing 
several pages, as we don't want duplicate entries like "3, 3, 5, 6, 6, 7" ("3, 
5-7" wanted instead).

A solution for a reasonable amount of work seems to be a FOP extension acting 
like a marker but supporting multiple entries, calculating page ranges and 
removing duplicates.

I've looked at extension samples (MathML, Barcode4J). They all work as 
rectangular graphical areas. I could find none working as a text flow.

- Is it possible to implement an extension generating text flow?
- If yes, where can I find such an example?
- If no, any other idea?


Laurent Caillette

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